Our Experience

Brian is a graduate of Iowa State University

Brian's educational background, along with 37 years of experience, gives him a strong foundation to manage the financial well-being of his clients.

While he understands that education creates knowledge, he also knows that experience creates wisdom.  Some of the most important lessons we learn in life we learn from our own mistakes.  Over the last thirty years he has been able to gain valuable insight into the mistakes people make.  He wants to give you the opportunity to learn from other people's mistakes so you can be better prepared to achieve what is important to you.

Brian provides financial planning and professional asset management services for his clients from a "Net Perspective". In other words, he utilizes state of the art software to track your goals and values to help you during your retirment by factoring in taxes and inflation.  He believes in a holistic approach and monitoring of these plans.

Brian is a Registered Financial Consultant

There are over 80 designations conferred by universities, organizations and associations.  Some are indicative of having passed a few educational courses, others require little more than payment of an annual fee.  But most of the designations are designed to demonstrate an intellectual achievement and ongoing professional competence.

The International Association of Registered Financial Consultants is a non-profit professional organization that confers several designations, including that of Registered Financial Consultant - RFC.  Those eligible for the RFC designation must pass seven criteria: 

  • Education - courses thoroughly covering 6 major areas of personal finance
  • Examination - one or more examinations to test knowledge acquisition
  • Ethics - an Ethics Code standard and history of ethical conduct
  • Experience - a minimum of four years of professional experience
  • Business Conduct - an unblemished record of legal business conduct
  • Registrations - appropriate securities, investments and advisor registations
  • Continuing Education - forty units of professional education yearly

The IARFC places much greater emphasis on Continuing Education because it believes the field of personal finance is so complex, and has so many changes taking place every year, that a person offering to deliver personal financial planning and advice must undergo a significant amount of Continuing Education each year.  Thus the RFC must complete 40 hours (units) of CE, while most designations require only 15 hours yearly.

To learn more about the RFC designation and more important, to check out the credentials of any person you are considering for a financial advisor, simply go to their website: IARFC